Stagnant Pathology

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Learn about cleansing the emunctories and deep cellular purification. Take your patients from a diseased state, and move them onto the road to good health. You will learn when and how to introduce drainage, using homeopathics and other modalities, to maximize your clinical results. By joining us for "Stagnant Pathology", you will get answers to the questions of: What are all the emunctories that should be facilitated? Do you cleanse one organ or several at one time? When is it better to use the homeopathics, gemmotherapies and herbals, or is best to do a combination of these? You will learn about Dr. Reckeweg and HerbalGem remedies, along with the difference between Detoxification, Drainage and the concept of Homotoxicology. The process to great health involves not only function of the organs and cleansing of the emunctories. The practice of Homotoxicology, removing toxins directly at the cellular level to correct the terrain, becomes the most important aspect to gaining clinical success.
Products covered in this webinar: R7, R18, R60, R57, v-C15, R21, R17, G7 DEP-GEM, G83 Betulas pubescens, G21 CELLUSAP, G49 Corylus avellana, G45 Ficus carica, G38 Cedrus libani, G61 Viscum album

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