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Since 1953, our commitment to clay has driven us to innovate, to offer you ever more effective skin care products that respect your skin. Born of a genuine passion for clay, we have maintained the common thread that binds us to this beneficent earth all these years.

Today, we’d like to help you discover all the benefits of this precious material and give it back the place it deserves in your daily life.


Driven by this love of clay, Argiletz was born of a passion, and we want to communicate about this beneficial earth so that it regains its rightful place in the world of daily care, beauty, and well-being. At Argiletz, clay is at the heart of our identity.

  • Pure, authentic clays, in crushed grains or ultra-ventilated powder as light as a cloud. 
  • Green clay, but also coloured clays: red, white, pink, yellow, ghassoul… to meet the needs of all skin types.
  • 100% natural clay-based cosmetics that integrate this noble material into a concentrate of natural active ingredients. 
  • Clay is an integral part of all our products. It blends perfectly with healthy ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter, honey and organic essential oils.

Argiletz’s passion was born in the heart of the Jura Forest, when the mother of our founder Jean HEITZ decided to use clay to treat wounded resistance fighters during the Second World War. From a tragic episode in history, she let the green illite clay heal both the body and the spirit of human beings.

She then passed on to her son all her know-how, knowledge, and love for this noble soil. Driven by his convictions and convinced of the powers of clay, Jean Heitz founded Argiletz in 1953.


Since it was founded in 1953, Argiletz has been a proud advocate of unique French know-how, handed down from generation to generation. For us, clay has always been a passion, which is why we strive to bring it to the forefront for skincare and beauty, through all our natural products.

Our expertise lies with the men and women of Argiletz, who work every day to create our products. Argiletz is a family-run business where mutual help, transmission and benevolence are the watchwords. Our team in Lizy-sur-Ourcq holds the ancestral secrets for drying, sublimating, and transforming our clay, to make it accessible to all, with our unique and therapeutic product line.

All our clays are rigorously selected and sourced from French quarries (except ghassoul, which comes from Morocco). Our green illite clay has been extracted from the same quarry since 1953. It is unique and of incomparable quality. We are proud to uphold a natural clay drying process, known as sun-drying, and artisian process that is unique in France. It respects this noble material and concentrates the clay’s active ingredients. It’s also the only drying method that emits no CO² emissions!


The Spirit of Argiletz

SINCE 1953

Argiletz is the only French company to use this drying process. We’ve always used it. A guarantee of quality, for 100% preserved clay.


Drying our green clay takes place over a short period and is subject to the unpredictability of the weather. Patience and rigor are essential!



  • Preserves and concentrates all the properties of clay.
  • A natural, environmentally-friendly method that emits
    no CO2.
  • The grains retain their original texture and are odourless.



  • Destroys the clay’s mineralogical structure.
  • Method responsible for over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
  • Grains are hardened and may become impregnated with odours.


A gentle, delicate and 100% natural process, sun-drying our clay is the best proof of our commitment. While most clays are kiln or kiln-dried, we have opted for a longer, manual, artisanal, natural drying process. Thanks to the sun, we save 18,800 mwh of gas per year, or over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 per year!

Moreover, this drying process concentrates and multiplies the clay’s active ingredients, whereas kiln-drying impoverishes its qualities. A clay that’s alive and active on the skin with zero greenhouse gas emissions – that’s the Argiletz spirit.


Mr. Heitz began drying clay in the sun in 1953, using a simple shovel and wheelbarrow to spread it out on the drying area, then using the wheelbarrow to bring the clay in for storage. For him, no vacations, no Sundays, the clay was spread out every day in anticipation of the winter stockpile.

Argiletz offers you the guarantee of a natural illite green clay mineral, unadulterated, unblended, uncoloured, preservative- and ionization-free.

Our illite green clay is also the only one to be dried exclusively in the sun and in the open air. It’s a titanic and exacting task, which makes our company and our entire production process dependent on the weather.


  • Spread the paste in a fairly thick layer on
    a cotton cloth or gauze strip, then apply
    the poultice to the area to be targeted, ideally
    2 cm thick against the skin.
  • Hold in place with a bandage, but don’t wrap too tightly so as not to cut off circulation.
  • Remove the poultice after 1-2 hours (or in the early morning if applied overnight) and dispose of the clay in the garbage can.
  • Remove any remaining clay from the skin with a damp glove or under a stream of clear water, and repeat this step 2 or 3 times a day.


The clay poultice is an ancestral remedy used to soothe and relieve certain everyday ailments. But its action doesn’t stop there!

A clay poultice is a thick clay paste applied to the skin and left to act for a few minutes to a few hours (or even overnight!).

More than just an old-fashioned remedy, the
poultice is surprisingly effective – and 100% natural!

Green clay is by far the most widely used.


Short of time to prepare your own poultice? We’ve come up with an innovative process, Textilit®, which contains all the authentic qualities of Argiletez clays.

Simply apply 3 to 4 layers of overlapping strips, moisten the clay with cold or lukewarm water and leave on for 1 to 2 hours, taking care not to let it dry out.


Preparing a clay poultice is simple and time-saving. The quantities of clay and water used should vary according to the area to be treated.

  1. Place the green clay in a container (avoid metal), preferably covered with mineral water.
  2. Wait until the clay has absorbed the water, then stir, adjusting the water/clay proportions so that the paste is fairly thick and malleable,
    but not runny.

The larger the clay grains, the longer they will take to melt. Crushed clay, for example, needs to be prepared at least 2 hours
in advance.


  • Never put clay in contact with metal. Prefer glass, wooden or ceramic bowls and utensils.
  • Don’t let clay dry out. Clay is a living material, and it’s when it comes into contact with water that it’s able to transmit all its benefits and minerals. 
  • Throw away any clay you’ve just used. Once applied, it absorbs impurities and becomes used up.
  • You can prepare the clay in advance, put it in the sun and rehydrate it before use; the sun charges the clay with a particularly invigorating energy!
  • Apply a source of heat to the poultice, such as a hot-water bottle, to multiply exchanges and prevent the clay from drying out too quickly.

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