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Discover Centifolia Bio, the committed brand that combines expertise in organic cosmetics with respect for nature. For many years, Centifolia Bio has been committed to offering exceptional beauty products that combine effectiveness and naturalness. Our brand draws its inspiration from the richness of nature, and carefully selects high-quality organic ingredients from organic farming. We believe in the power of natural active ingredients to care for your skin while preserving its balance.

Centifolia Bio makes it a point of honor to formulate products that respect the environment, favoring eco-responsible manufacturing processes. We limit our impact on the planet as much as possible by using recyclable packaging and favoring local suppliers. Our range of organic cosmetics covers all your needs, from daily routine to targeted care. From moisturizers and precious oils to gentle cleansers and nourishing masks, every Centifolia Bio product is designed to enhance your natural beauty.

Join us in our ethical approach and discover a unique sensory experience, where nature and science meet to offer you the very best in organic cosmetics.


Centifolia® is a French brand of certified organic cosmetics created in 1983. Based on scientific observation of plants, the brand is founder of Botanical cosmetics concept. A PhD thesis in botany made the connection between the plant world and the human body then formulated the basis of a new approach to body and skincare products.

This scientific discipline is based on the observation that the plant world has invented extremely effective strategies to grow, breath, live and reproduce throughout its evolution.

In the living world, plants are characterized by their intelligence. 


Centifolia lives by and for Nature. Centifolia is committed to the scientific understanding of plants in order to extract active ingredients for the health and beauty of the skin. The well-being and respect of individuals is at the heart of our concerns, as is respect for nature and the vitality of plants.

Centifolia's ethics are reflected in the formulation of our products. We have developed high-quality product ranges that target the needs of different skin types. We are a pioneering French family business.

Find a complete range of organic cosmetics for face, body and hair

Centifolia Bio offers a wide range of organic cosmetics to meet all your skin's needs. Each product is formulated with organic ingredients carefully selected for their benefits to the skin.

To gently cleanse and remove make-up from your face, our organic cleansers and make-up removers eliminate impurities while respecting your skin's natural balance. Their delicate formulas nourish and soothe, leaving your skin fresh and radiant. To moisturize and protect your skin every day, our organic moisturizers are rich in nourishing natural active ingredients. They help maintain hydration, reinforce the skin barrier and preserve your skin's youthful appearance.

For more targeted natural cosmetic care, our organic serums and precious oils offer specific solutions. Whether to fight the signs of aging, soothe sensitive skin or brighten the complexion, our concentrated formulas penetrate deep into the skin for visible results. Finally, our organic masks and scrubs offer moments of relaxation and regeneration. They gently purify, exfoliate and nourish your skin, restoring its radiance and vitality.

With Centifolia Bio, offer your skin the best of nature with organic and respectful products. Each product is designed to enhance your natural beauty and care for your skin gently and effectively.

Botanical cosmetics bring plant vitality to the skin

The Centifolia® Research Centre’s expertise focuses on the life-giving active ingredients in plants and studies how to transpose them into products that meet the skin’s needs.

Polyphenols are an example of this successful transposition. They are essential in the plant world for two reasons: to protect plants from UV rays and to attract the birds and insects that enable them to reproduce.

Polyphenols are antioxidants found in high concentrations in colourful fruits and flowers.

They effectively transpose to meet the skin’s need for everyday protection from solar rays and pollution.

Nature has produced these active ingredients over millions of years of plant evolution. The Centifolia® Research Centre studies, isolates and transcribes these ingredients into health and beauty products for the skin to repair its cells, protect it from drying out and make it firm, moisturised, toned, supple and radiant.

The Centifolia® brand is built on a consistent, responsible and humanist foundation.

We follow strict regulations that protect natural resources, care for animal well-being, and promote social and personal balance for the women and men who work every day to fulfill our mission.

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