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Jardins La Val’heureuse is situated in Compton, in the heart of the valleys of the Eastern Townships. This 9 acre farm, certified organic since 1999, sets itself apart with the variety of its healing and decorative plants as well as with the originality of its landscaping. A globalist approach favours a natural ecosystem; a pond attracts invaluable batrachians and a wide range of winged aquatic fauna. Thereby, bird houses, trees and shrubs attract more than thirty species of birds. Gardens are decorated with melliferous flora that bees take full advantage of for pollinating the neighbouring plants. The land is divided by turfed paths which cross islands of gardens inspiring walkers.

Plantations and harvests are carried out according to the seasons by respecting the evolution and the blooming of every plant. Therefore, plants are picked by hand when they are at their full vitality potential by taking into account the biodynamic philosophy. Jardins Val’heureuse uses a modern building for processing equipped with a large dryer which guarantees the preservation of the flavours, pigments and therapeutic values of the dried plants.

The biggest activity at Jardins Val’heureuse is to produce more than thirty single plants extracts and several compound formulas made with fresh plants which are carefully picked and macerated in grain alcohol. This stage allows for the maximum extraction of the active principles, a high vibratory rate and full energy potential. The alcohol became an evident choice because this solvent guarantees an interesting stability and shelf life. Its valorous owners Johanne Lemire and François Benoît have shared their passion for plants and nature for more than 20 years. They owned the natural health food store “Aux Sources Conseils” in Sherbrooke for 20 years and are seasoned speakers having given conferences for various naturopathic and homeopathic institutions (among others for Dr. Reckeweg). Johanne has also had a private practice in homeopathy, naturopathy and herbology since 1990.

Bio Lonreco Inc. is always interested in offering therapeutic products of the highest quality and is introducing this high-quality phytotherapeutic line to its customers.

  • We always carry a complete and detailed research of the company before selecting a product line.
  • Our research is based on the quality, therapeutic properties, convenience and ease of administration of these combined plant extracts and herbal teas. We are offering you these Quebec based products based on the following characteristics:
  • 100% organic production grown in indigenous lands, certified “BIO”
  • Its production takes into account the Biodynamic techniques, especially taking into account the biodynamic calendar for the growth cycle and harvesting of the plants.
  • Utilization of fresh plants.
  • A synergy respecting the holistic of the plants as well as the medicinal properties known throughout the history of phytotherapy.
  • This phytotherapeutic synergy is also respected between its components, its parts and dosage of elements.

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