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BIOFLORAL offers you and your family the benefits of nature and invites you all to discover its certified 100% organic products.

Located in the mountains of Auvergne, in the heart of a high-altitude, healthy, pure, and energy-loaded natural environment with 300-million-year-old granite soil and volcanic earth, the BIOFLORAL laboratory is dedicated to manufacturing organic, natural, and herbal products. All BIOFLORAL products are organic, labelled COSMEBIO, and certified AB or DEMETER. Thus, you have the best guarantee of a natural origin and effectiveness.Authentic workmanship

Inspired by medieval manuscripts, BIOFLORAL creates its products while devoting itself to forward-looking research and innovation. Products are manufactured manually with great passion and care. Several months are often required to obtain the highest quality of maturation. Furthermore, rigorous controls ensure vitality and efficiency. Thanks to its ancestral know-how, the BIOFLORAL laboratory is now the leader in natural, exceptional, and 100% certified ORGANIC products.

Green policy and commitment to quality

Since the opening of its lab, BIOFLORAL has prioritized quality and manufactures its products without parabens, phthalates, phenoxyethanol, glycol ether, paraffin, silicone, PEG, synthetic colouring or perfume, and GMOs.

Reduced environmental impact

In keeping with its values, BIOFLORAL is committed to respecting the environment. Its buildings were built according to green construction best practices, and simple daily gestures have been adopted to foster an ecologically responsible culture:

  • Noble and recyclable materials used for the construction and expansion of its premises: stone, wood, and terracotta for the walls and building framework, sheep wool from Auvergne for insulation, and hemp, sand, and lime for the interior walls.
  • Rainwater recovery in a pond in the middle of a flower garden with an aromatic and medicinal plant trail.
  • Composting plants for use in the biodynamic production of new soil fertilization.
  • Sorting and recycling of all produced waste
  • Minimalistic packaging to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

Controlled energy

BIOFLORAL adheres to the ENERCOOP cooperative. This means we only consume renewable electricity. We also produce our hot water using solar collectors.



Faithful to the recommendations of Dr. Bach, BIOFLORAL prepares its floral elixirs with respect for nature and the spirit of Dr. Bach while strictly adhering to the original method of Dr. Bach.


They are made from wild flowers, picked at sunrise, when their potential is at its maximum. Through the action of water and the sun’s rays, the flowers release their qualities and transmit them to the aquatic element.

The floral maceration obtained is supplemented with certified organic* DEMETER** cognac in a 1:240 dilution. This method is in full compliance with the original method pioneered by Dr. Bach.

Before packaging, our floral elixir is energized a second time to strengthen its action and guarantee maximum efficiency.



To this day BIOFLORAL adheres to excel in the production and research (Institute of Research on the premises) of high quality therapeutic herbal products, for global use,  while still maintaining its original philosophy that:  Health is a beautiful alchemy between body, mind and soul and that the symbiosis between man and nature is essential to maintain it.”


Quality control and standards, to ensure high quality and patent safety, include:

EUROPEAN AB: Guaranteeing a minimum of 95% of ingredients from organic production methods, without synthetic chemicals or GMOs, and environmentally friendly.

ECOCERT: A certifying body that guarantees compliance with the European regulations of the organic production method.

COSMETIQUE BIO: Label concerning cosmetic products comprising a minimum of 95% of natural or naturally occurring ingredients, primarily from organic farming.

DEMETER: An international brand certifying the products of biodynamic agriculture, based in particular on the respect of the laws of life and the rhythms of nature

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