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Homeopathic medicine

The family business Dr. Reckeweg is committed to producing effective and well-tolerated homoeopathic medicinal products in a responsible way – and has been ever since its birth in 1947. Manufactured in Germany.

Pancreatic Irritation Alleviates abnormal pancreatic function, as well as pain from pancreatitis. Reduces right abdominal and hypogastric cramping pain or distension, which is generally better by applying pressure. Used for symptoms of abdominal bloating, flatulent colic or nausea, and gastric pains better by eating. Apis D5, Colocynthis D6, Lycopodium D6, Momordica balsamina D3, Phosphorus D6. DIN-HM 80029280

R72 | Affections of the pancreas


Chronic pancreatitis, anomalies of pancreatic function.

Mode of action

Apis: Burning, stinging pains in the right abdomen, which may be accompanied by edema; right-sided inflammatory conditions; improvement of pain with the application of cold.

Colocynthis: Severe cutting, cramping abdominal pains which are relieved by bending double or by applying pressure.

Lycopodium: Pain from distension of the abdomen, in the left hypogastric region; affliction may be initially right-sided but move to the left side.

Momordica balsamina: Flatulent colic in the splenic flexure; pancreatitis; hypogastric pain.

Phosphorus: Gastrointestinal symptoms; sharp, shooting pains in the abdomen; steatorrhea; condition is ameliorated from eating and from sleep.

Remedies to be considered

  • Acute pancreatitis: R1, 5-10 drops 4-6 times daily and R72 5-10 drops 3 times daily before meals. Reduce the dosage with improvement
  • Ill-defined upper abdominal pain and gastric symptoms: R5 additionally 1-2 times daily, BC-25
  • Hepatobiliary symptoms: R7 additionally 1-2 times daily
  • Hypoglycemic symptoms: BIO 86
  • Conditions requiring enzymatic aid: BIO 92 additionally

Clinical experience

  • Regarded as a drainage formula.
  • Stimulates functions of pancreas.
  • Diabetes, prescribe in conjunction with R40, BC-7
  • Typical duration of treatment is 4-6 weeks.

Apis D5 2 g, Colocynthis D6 2 g, Lycopodium D6 2 g, Momordica balsamina D3 2 g, Phosphorus D6 2 g.

Non-medicinal ingredients: ethanol, purified water.

DIN-HM 80029280

Adults and children (ages 12 and up) 5-10 drops 1-3 times daily, acute cases 4-6 times in a little water or undiluted or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

  • Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.
  • Consult a healthcare practitioner before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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