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Homeopathic medicine

The family business Dr. Reckeweg is committed to producing effective and well-tolerated homoeopathic medicinal products in a responsible way – and has been ever since its birth in 1947. Manufactured in Germany.

Deep Acting Skin Purifier & Drainage Manages chronic skin conditions by facilitating drainage and the removal of blood toxins. Reduces itching, redness, skin eruptions and growths and other discharges. Controls or minimizes reactions to medications and vaccinations. Medorrhinum D30, Psorinum D30, Thuja occidentalis D30, Vaccinotoxinum D30. DIN-HM 80002800

R21 | Chronic skin and blood diseases


Chronic eczema; chronic skin conditions which do not yield to conventional therapeutic intervention; constitutional improvement in cases of skin diseases; to increase reactivity.

Mode of action

Medorrhinum: Diffuse itching of the skin worse in the evening. Redness with copper red coloured spots, sometimes turning brown, warts. Results from suppressed gonnorhoea.

Psorinum: Influences the lymphatic and glandular system; vesicles, nodules, and pustules; increase in sebaceous secretions, with an offensive discharge; general mental and physical debility; aggravation from cold.

Thuja occidentalis: Painful and over-sensitive skin; papo-vesicular or pustular eruptions which are pruritic, burning and cause formication; eczema particularly on the scalp and face; warts, skin tags, and tumours of the skin; hydrogenoid constitution.

Vaccinotoxinum: Side effects from smallpox vaccination, persistent skin eruptions, neuralgias, general dyscrasia.

Remedies to be considered

  • Tumors, warts, eczema: R17
  • Acute and chronic eczema: R23 additionally, BC-20
  • To stimulate the immune response and to improve reactivity: R26
  • Psoriasis, seborrhea: R65, BC-20
  • Improper fatty acid assimilation or impaired fat metabolism: BIO 89
  • Warts, cutaneous growths: R188

Clinical experience

  • Considered as a drainage formula - deep acting.
  • Skin disorders associated with vaccination.
  • Prescribed as a detox remedy after vaccination, and in the treatment of ill effects of vaccination: 2-3 drops 3 times daily 1 week before and 1 week after vaccination.
  • Typically, duration of treatment is 3 weeks for mild cases and 6 weeks for more severe cases.
  • It is not advisable to administer in conjunction with other formulas, particularly other drainage formulas.
  • Helps clear miasmatic influences of the fetus.

Medorrhinum D30 1 g, Psorinum D30 1 g, Thuja occidentalis D30 1 g, Vaccinotoxinum D30 1 g.

Non-medicinal ingredients: ethanol, purified water.

DIN-HM 80002800

Adults and children (ages 12 and up) 10-15 drops; Children (1-11 years) 5-10 drops; all ages take 3 times daily in a little water or undiluted or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

  • Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.

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