Aromavita 15

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Used in aromatherapy as a nervine/calmative to help relieve nervousness and irritability as well as to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

100% pure and natural essential oil blend

Helps relieve symptoms of stress, such as nervous tension, insomnia, anxiety and irritability.

We often associate essential oils with increased well-being and relaxation. This effect is often induced by their pleasant fragrances and/or the act of massage, which plunges the individual into a state of extreme relaxation.

The question then arises: are there essential oils with natural calming and direct sedative effects? The answer is yes!

Only a small handful of essential oils can be said to have direct calming and sedating action on the body's central nervous system. The most commonly known one is Roman chamomile, the primary ingredient of AROMAVITA 15. Other key relaxing essential oils are those from Lemon balm, Lemon verbena, and the lesser known Mandarin orange leaf. The essential oil obtained from this leaf contains methyl anthranilate, a molecule having calming and de-stressing action. Mandarin orange zest also contains this molecule, though in a lower concentration.

Ylang ylang, another essential oil, is often linked to states of well-being and relaxation. Its warm, floral, and sweet notes lock us into a soothing and peaceful state. The soothing effects of this oil can also be explained by its molecules and chemical structure like a group of esters, including benzyl benzoate, one of the most complex aromatic molecules known for its calming effects.

Finally, if there is one essential oil most associated with calming and relaxation, it is Lavender. This flowery and gently perfumed oil reassures, calms, and protects. Its terpene esters act on the sympathetic division of the autonomic nervous system, which is responsible for waking up the organism and its metabolic function. Lavender esters slow down or inhibit this system, thus accelerating the desire for sleep and rest, and offering the body a soft sensation of well-being and relaxation.

Citrus reticulata (Mandarin orange) (fruit peel) 50%, Citrus reticulata (Mandarin orange) (leaf) 10%, Lavandula x intermedia (Lavandin essential oil) (flowering top) 30%, Cananga odorata (Ylang ylang essential oil) (flower) 5%, Chamaemelum nobile (Roman chamomile essential oil) (herb top flowering) 5%.

Adults (18 years and over): Direct inhalation: Apply 1-6 drops of undiluted essential oil to handkerchief or tissue and inhale occasionally up to 3 times per day.

Steam inhalation: Add 3-12 drops of undiluted essential oil to a bowl of steaming water up to 3 times per day.

For occasional use only. Not for oral use. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes; if this happens, rinse thoroughly with vegetable oil. Store at room temperature.

Keep out of reach of children. If accidental ingestion occurs, seek urgent medical attention or contact a Poison Control Center. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care practitioner. If you have epilepsy or asthma, consult a health care practitioner prior to use.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use this product.

If you experience nausea, dizziness, headache or an allergic reaction, discontinue use.

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