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Used in Traditional Medicine to help relieve nervousness and as a mild sedative sleep aid (in cases of restlessness or insomnia linked to the mental stress).

Fresh organic extract

Organic fresh plant for each 500 mg/ml contains:

Oats (Avena sativa) (young milky seed) (1:2) ..... 112 mg

Holy basil (Ocimum sanctum) (leaf) (1:2) ..... 105 mg

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) (herb top) (1:2) ..... 99 mg

Skullcap (Scutellaria officinalis) (herb top) (1:2) ..... 93 mg

California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) (herb top) (1:2) ..... 91 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients: 50% organic ethyl alcohol, water.

*Certified organic by Ecocert Canada

NPN 80061656

Nervousness: Adults 15 drops in water 3 times daily.

Insomnia: Adults 30 drops in a little water 30-60 minutes before bedtime.

  • Consult a health care practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen.
  • If you are taking medications for heart or antihypertensives, consult a health care practitioner before taking.
  • If you suffer from a cardiovascular disorder or diabetes, consult a health care practitioner before taking.
  • Consumption of this product with alcoholic beverages or any other drug or natural health products with sedative and/or analgesic is not recommended.
  • Sleep aid: Consult a health care practitioner if sleeplessness persists beyond 3 weeks (chronic insomnia).
  • Do not use this product if you are breastfeeding if you are pregnant or trying to conceive a child.
  • Oats are generally contraindicated in people with celiac disease due to their gluten content.
  • Be cautious if you drive heavy machinery or driving any motorized vehicle or involved in activities requiring mental alertness.

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