Digestion... The Root of Healing

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The working of the digestive tract is the basis of most if not all chronic disease. The gut mucosa and cell lining create the interface between the outside world and our inner physiology. Day to day dietary choices play an integral role, but things do not stop there. Digestive health influences the immune system and nervous system significantly. In this webinar, we will be looking at an array of digestive disorders and how we can bring patients back to homeostasis through gut healing. We’ll be studying several key gemmotherapy remedies for gut healing, such as Ficus carica, Juglans regia, and Vaccinium vitis-idaea, and venture into other supportive single and combination remedies.
Products covered in this webinar: Liver: Rosmarinus officinalis, Juniperus communis, Corylus avellana, Olea europaea. Stomach: Ficus carica, G24 STOMAGEM. Small intestine: Ficus carica, Juglans regia, Vaccinium vitis-idaea, Ribes nigrum. Pancreas: Juglans regia, Ribes nigrum. Gallbladder: Rosmarinus officinalis, Fraxinus excelsior, Acer campestris, Prunus amygdalus, G7 DEP-GEM. Large intestine: Juglans regia, Ficus carica, Vaccinium vitis-vinifera, Tilia tomentosa, Viscum album.

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