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Webinar Series – Fall 2022

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Musculoskeletal Support for the Active Season – S1
presented by Baljinder Chhoker, B.Sc., CCNM Grad, CST, BT

Whether you are just doing your evening strolls or playing recreational sports, there are always chances of sprains and strain or worse, contusions and fractures. In many cases people ignore the pain until it hinders their ability to do the activity that they love to do. One can always “live with the pain”, or think that “the pain makes you stronger”… but why, when you can get everything healed up and get back to what they love, instead of leading to further ill health. Whether the pain is in the bones, muscles or the tendons and ligaments, musculoskeletal pain is generally a result of inflammation, injury or wear and tear to the connective tissue, and if left unchecked will lead to chronic debilitating conditions. Join us for “Musculoskeletal Support for the Active Season” to learn about the advantages of topicals and internal healers from various Bio Lonreco lines, that can provide strength and support, to get back proper function and movement.

Date : Wednesday, September 14th 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM (EST) Click here to register

Balancing the Nervous System – S2
presented by Robin Di Pasquale, B.Sc., ND

In this current time, stress and anxiety are seen in people of all ages and present in various ways: a five year old girl with an eye tic, a teenage boy who developed OCD behaviors, a mother with insomnia because of worry about her childrens’ development during a pandemic, an 89 year old woman with IBS. This webinar will look at the impact of stress on the nervous system, the interface of the NS on the whole body, the many manifestations we see in varied demographics of patients, and how to support each individual with Gemmotherapy and other energetic medicines.

Date : Wednesday, September 28th 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM (EST) Click here to register

Breaking the Recurrent Infection Cycle: The Basis of Immunity – S3
presented by Baljinder Chhoker, B.Sc., CCNM Grad, CST, BT

Every winter most adults and children have a tendency to get infected by some bacteria or virus that will not only lead to many unwanted symptoms, but worse, it can lead to recurrent infections. There are many products available to help fight the infection, once the pathogen has taken a hold of your body, but how do you keep this from occurring every couple of weeks? The best protection from a pathogenic invasion is to lay down a foundation which maintains a strong immune system. Building the immune system requires more than a good diet; it requires stress support and tonics to make the immune system more resilient. Join us for “Breaking the Recurrent Infection Cycle: The Basis of Immunity” to learn about these tonics, from the various lines distributed by Bio Lonreco that can strengthen the immunity for the whole family.

Date : Wednesday, October 12th 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM (EST) Click here to register

Fostering Motivation with the Help of Flower Essences – S4
presented by Gudrun Penselin, M. Ed., Bach Flower Practitioner

After the summer break and with the world still filled with much uncertainty, lack of motivation to focus on and accomplish tasks ahead, can pose a great challenge for anyone including students, teachers, and parents alike. As motivation breeds success (in any aspect of life), it is important to determine what factors may harness one’s motivation or interfere with being motivated.
Flower essences can be an invaluable tool in overcoming obstacles and fostering motivation. We will focus on individual flower essences and combinations that are specific to this subject matter.
A brief review of Bach flower essences and their practical application will be part of this webinar.

Date : Wednesday, October 26th 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM (EST) Click here to register

A Look at Aging – S5
presented by Robin Di Pasquale, B.Sc., ND

The movement of the planet earth through space has speeded up, and time seems to be moving us all along quite rapidly. The baby boomers are moving into retirement and beyond. This webinar will cover several key aspects of aging and the changes it brings to the human body. Areas to be looked at include overall energy levels, cognitive function, digestion, cardiovascular, respiratory, and vision. We’ll look at how women and men age differently and we’ll review Gemmotherapy and other energetic medicines to support this aging process.

Date : Wednesday, November 9th 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM (EST) Click here to register

Top 10 Gemmotherapy Remedies for Busy Practitioners – S6
presented by Jesse Pierce, B.Sc., ND

Join Dr. Jesse Pierce, B.Sc. ND – as she discusses her Top 10 HerbalGem remedies that provide excellent clinical results. Dr. Pierce has a busy practice where she mostly treats complex chronic illness and hard to treat cases. She has been using gemmotherapy in her practice since 2008.
Dr. Pierce will share her favourite HerbalGem remedies along with many clinical pearls to help you add them to your practice and improve your treatment outcomes.

Date : Wednesday, November 23rd 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM (EST) Click here to register

Complex Homeopathy for the Beginner – S7
presented by Baljinder Chhoker, B.Sc., CCNM Grad, CST, BT

As natural medicine progresses in the modern day, so should the way that it is taught. Along with many natural modalities, homeopathy was a staple of natural medicine, but the classical single remedy approach for most practitioners is too hard to do these days. Patients are looking for quick results, but you know it is not that simple. To get the patient on your side and consider your long term protocol, they have to see a quick improvement in their acute situation. Come join us for “Complex Homeopathy for the Beginner” to learn about the most common initial prescriptions used by naturopaths in their clinical practices for over 70 years, that set patients on their way to good health. We will discuss the use of Dr. Reckeweg and Tegor complexes and their use alongside other modalities, to get strong results to build a stronger patient base.

Date : Wednesday, December 7th 7:30 PM – 9:00 PM (EST) Click here to register