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CCNM 2021 Health Fair Information Video

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Here is a quick description of the many lines that we distribute, please click on the highlighted names to learn more and see the products.

  • Dr. Reckeweg Homeopathic Specialties (Germany – 1947)
    • Original German homeopathic complexes for complete support of the various body functions
    • Excellent acute based support and drainage remedies, to add into any protocol to enhance patient healing
  • Tegor Homeopathic Complexes (Spain – since 1993)
    • Homeopathic complexes based off the original Dr. Reckeweg formulas
    • Contains many homeopathic nosodes and organo-therapy remedies
  • HerbalGem Concentrated Organic Gemmotherapy (Belgium – 1986)
    • Complete line of concentrated organic botanical liquids made from spring time plant bud extracts
    • Phyto-embryo-therapy used to help rebuild and restore the depleted organs and systems
  • Pranarom Chemotyped Essential Oils (Belgium – 1991)
    • The cleanest and purest line of chemotyped essential oils for therapeutic purposes
    • Contain botanically defined oils with biochemical components in a full spectrum distillation
  • BIOFLORAL Organic Flower Essences and Herbals (France – 1999)
    • Organic and biodynamic flower essences produced as Bach intended
    • Provide mental, emotional and spiritual balance from deep embedded stressors
  • Holistica Natural Food Supplements & Vegetal Oligo-Elements (France – 1986)
    • Whole food, full spectrum supplement line for easy absorption
    • Has a complete line of plant based Oligo-elements to improve cellular function and absorption
  • Jardins La Val’heureuse Organic Herbal Remedies (Canada – 1999)
    • Complete line of organic botanical tinctures including 26 singles and 19 blends
    • These handpicked, biodynamically farmed tinctures have a maximum extraction with high active principals and vitality
  • Bio Lonreco Nutraceuticals by Progressive Laboratories (USA – 1972)
    • Therapeutic nutraceutical line made with trademark nutrients and dosages used in studies
    • Unique blend of herbs and vitamins, digestive enzymes to support the healing process
  • SUPERDIET Organic Whole Food Supplements (France – 1961)
    • An organic line of pressed juices and herbal decoctions, put into single dose vials to maintain freshness and therapeutic value
    • Made without any alcohols, preservatives, additives or colorants to give the cleanest liquid remedies for digestive support
  • Bio Lonreco Inc. Supplements (Canada – 1987)
    • Our original line of unique supplements and topicals to fill the gaps of any dispensary
    • Selection of single dose liquid vials for ease of use, like Iron, Royal jelly, Panax ginseng

A letter from the vice-president

To all CCNM Student, Staff and Recent Graduates:
I am pleased that Bio Lonreco is part of your journey though your years at CCNM and to support you in your practice. Bio Lonreco Inc. has been a trusted source for health care practitioners for 33 years. Established in 1987, we have remained dedicated to staying at the forefront of the ever growing health industry. As a second generation family-run business, located in Dorval, Quebec, Bio Lonreco’s mission is to offer high quality, therapeutic products with a commitment to exceptional customer service. read more